About The Landlord

The Apartments at 31-81 are a privately owned and operated rental property in Astoria New York, focused on bringing value, style and sense of home to its tenants. All upgrades, repairs and maintenance performed on the property are done by the landlord or by licensed, bonded and insured improvement firms (no subcontractors).

Installation of Energy Efficient Roofing

Utilizing “White Roofing” material to lower heating and cooling costs.

The Apartments at 31-81: Installation of Energy Efficient Roofing

The roof on 31-81 utilizes a true white granule based roofing material.

Utilizing a true white granule based roofing material, the roof on 31-81 now delivers both long-wearing reliability and energy savings to those living under it. Among other benefits realized after installation, the building is cooler in the summers, cleaner and as a result, consumes less energy. In the United States, dwellings tended to be built with white roofs through the 1960s. Then, as air conditioning became widespread, cheap, and taken for granted, priorities shifted. It became popular to use darker roofing shingles, which more resembled wooden shingles and better concealed dirt and mold. The colored granules on typical “white” shingles made today are coated with only one-sixth as much white pigment as in the 1960s. Under the summer sun, modern roofs can become up to 20°F hotter than the old-style ones.

Why a White Roof?

An Urban Heat Island is is a metropolitan area which is significantly warmer than its surroundings. Heat islands do not primarily arise mainly from heat leaking out of cars, buildings, and factories. Rather, dark horizontal surfaces (such as flat roof surfaces in Queens) absorb most of the sunlight falling on them. Consequently, dark surfaces run hotter than light ones. The choice of dark colors has caused a problem of radiating heat both during the day and well after sunset. Based on the findings of heat island studies performed in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, and Atlanta, a white or nearly white roof has been shown to reflect solar radiation during the day and will not radiate much heat at night.

We are now paying dearly for this extra heat. Some studies have put the estimated energy to cool buildings in the U.S. at one sixth of the total energy consumed by the country (at an estimated annual power cost of $40 billion). Moreover, a 5°F heat island greatly raises the rate at which pollutants-nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds emanating from cars and smokestacks -“cook” into ozone, a highly oxidizing and irritating gas that is the main ingredient of smog.
Fortunately, steps can be taken that can go a long way toward dissipating urban heat islands. One solution is to use lighter colors for roofs and pavement. The other is to plant lots of trees (more on this later), which have a two-fold benefit. First, they provide cooling shade. Second, trees, like most plants, soak up groundwater. The water then “evapotranspires” from the leaves, thus cooling the leaves and, indirectly, the surrounding air. A single properly watered tree can evapotranspirate 40 gallons of water in a day-offsetting the heat equivalent to that produced by one hundred 100-watt lamps, burning eight hours per day.

Installation by RoofMaster NYC (roofmasternyc.com)

The roof at 31-81 before replacement

The roof at 31-81 before replacement

The roof at 31-81 after replacement: facing the garden

The roof at 31-81 after replacement: facing the garden

The roof at 31-81 after replacement: facing the street

The roof at 31-81 after replacement: facing the street

Rennovation Components and Upgrades

Shortly after the acquisition of 31-81 a number of projects were undertaken to improve upon the existing internal and external structures while also helping to reduce the carbon footprint of 31-81’s residents. As part of a larger rennovation an improvement project, the following projects have been implemented, designed and completed.

  • Upgraded all appliances in both apartments:
    Gas Ranges by Summit,
    Dishwashers by GE,
    Refrigerator by Whirlpool,
    A/C units by Freidrich.
  • Installed new core systems for each apartment:
    Twin 65 gallon water heaters,
    dual Enerjet Boilers,
    new electrical wiring, meters and dedicated circuit panels in each apartment.
  • New hardwood floors installed throughout apartment 1 and in the kitchen/living room of apartment 2.
  • Padded and Insulated Berber carpeting installed in the bedrooms, foyer and stairway of apartment 2.
  • Gas and heating systems upgraded by Mr. Rooter and tested at pressures 10x above Con Edison requirements.
  • New installation of French drains connected to a commercial grade pump in the basement.
  • Installation of energy efficient ceiling fan in the second bedroom of apartment 2.

HardiePlank Lap Siding and Upgraded Insulation

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ShadeTree Canopies Now Covers the Second Floor Terrace!

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