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The Apartments at 31-81 are a privately owned and operated rental property in Astoria New York, focused on bringing value, style and sense of home to its tenants. All upgrades, repairs and maintenance performed on the property are done by the landlord or by licensed, bonded and insured improvement firms (no subcontractors).

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Backyard Redesign for Heat Reduction and Storm Water Management

Landscaping for heat reduction & storm water management This project has accomplished: Reduction of ambient heat behind the building; Air conditioners are not used as often; Dramatically improved storm water drainage; and Provides a unique (to Astoria) backdrop for 31-81 residents.

Installation of Energy Efficient Roofing

Utilizing “White Roofing” material to lower heating and cooling costs. Utilizing a true white granule based roofing material, the roof on 31-81 now delivers both long-wearing reliability and energy savings to those living under it. Among other benefits realized after installation, the building is cooler in the summers, cleaner and as a result, consumes less Continue Reading

Rennovation Components and Upgrades

Shortly after the acquisition of 31-81 a number of projects were undertaken to improve upon the existing internal and external structures while also helping to reduce the carbon footprint of 31-81’s residents. As part of a larger rennovation an improvement project, the following projects have been implemented, designed and completed. Upgraded all appliances in both Continue Reading

HardiePlank Lap Siding and Upgraded Insulation

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ShadeTree Canopies Now Covers the Second Floor Terrace!

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