Astoria Park at Night (Photographer: David Torres)

Astoria Park at Night (Photographer: David Torres)

Astoria Queens Area Search Related Blocks and Addresses
N Train Address Blocks:
Lowest Street considered: 28th Street
Highest Street considered: 37th Street

Lowest Avenue considered: 20th Road (one block past 21st Ave)
Highest Avenue considered: 36th Avenue

Lowest address number considered: 21-02
Highest address number considered: 35-56

Any address in between the lowest and highest would be worth checking out.
The most north easterly road considered is 20th Rd primarily due to the ConEd fields and the long walk to a subway.

The areas south west of 36th Avenue have started to be commercially developed, especially areas around the movie theater.

R train Broadway/34th Avenue Station Blocks:
Lowest Street considered: 37th Street
Highest Street considered: 44th Street

Lowest Avenue considered: 31st Avenue
Highest Avenue considered: 34th Avenue

Lowest address number considered: 31-12
Highest address number considered: 32-79

Online Resources for finding a home:

Walkscore (
“What I can walk to” is a common home buying and apartment renting criterion. calculates a Walk Score for any property and shows a map of what’s nearby with reviews to help you find a great neighborhood.

HotPads (
HotPads’ map-based search, strives to give people the best communication platform for sharing information about available housing. Posting info about available homes for sale, apartments, rental houses, sublets, and roommate opportunities is free.

HopStop (
HopStop is your city transit guide. We provide door-to-door subway and bus directions and maps for New York City (for directions and travel times to apartments).

Housing Maps (
Craigslist apartment listings viewed through GoogleMaps.

Rentometer (
Get an idea of the rental ranges present in the area you’re interested in.

My Apartment Map (
An apartment search engine with rental price graphs and google mapping features.

Tours of Brooklyn throuh New York Like a Native:

Items to ask about and check when viewing an apartment:

  • Does rent includes utilities and other services
  • Check plumbing: run the sink(s), shower & flush the toilet (how long does it take to get hot water),
  • Check appliances (is the fridge cold, does the A/C work, does the stove get hot),
  • Determine the type of heating and if gas/electric is not included – ask if the apartment has a separate boiler and heating system (otherwise someone else will be controlling your heat!),
  • Check closets, cabinets, and storage space
  • Review parking arrangements & cost
  • Check the availability of laundry facilities

Bringing the following items will help in the event you’re interested (more is better):

  • Letter of employment or an acceptance letter from a new job
  • Copy of two recent paycheck stubs
  • Copy of a recent bank statement
  • Copies of last two years tax returns
  • Personal reference letter
  • Landlord reference letter
  • Copy of a photo ID
  • Credit application information (for every one on the lease) with names, addresses, numbers of employers, bankers, accountants, former landlords and social security numbers.

Rent and security are due, usually as two certified checks, on the first business day following agreement.


An area adjoining the living room space which can be used for a dining area or be separated or closed off to make a bedroom, den or office.

An apartment with a larger alcove off the living room which can be converted to another bedroom or which can be used as a dining area. A “convertible two-bedroom” or “flex two” is a one bedroom with a large alcove and 1 or 2 bathrooms.

Apartments which are fully equipped with furniture and amenities. Available for long and short term use.

An apartment with a small alcove off the living room which can be converted to a small bedroom or used as a dining area. A “junior 4” would be a potential 4-room apartment: living room, bedroom, kitchen, and alcove area (bathroom is not counted as a room.)

Sometimes found in apartments with high ceilings. An upper area which has been built for storage or as an extra sleeping area or living area.

A studio is a two-room apartment (the kitchen is considered one room). An “alcove studio” is a studio with an alcove for dining or sleeping. A studio with a windowed alcove large enough to be a bedroom can be referred to as a “junior one-bedroom” or “junior 3” (three rooms).

A one-bedroom is a three-room apartment (kitchen, living room, bedroom). A one-bedroom with a windowed alcove large enough to be a bedroom is called a “junior 4” (4 rooms), “flex 2” or “convertible 2” (convertible to two bedrooms).

A two-bedroom is a four-room apartment (kitchen, living room, two bedrooms). A “flex 3” or “convertible 3” is a two-bedroom apartment with space for an additional room (third bedroom, dining room, den, maid’s room, etc.).

A classic is an apartment in a pre-war building which has a formal dining room, 1 or 2 baths and in a larger apartment, 1 or 2 maid’s rooms. A “classic 6” for example, is a 6-room apartment in a pre-war building that has a living room, formal dining room, two bedrooms, kitchen, maid’s room and 1 or 2 bathrooms. In the larger classics, it is common to find the smaller maids rooms combined into one larger room. Frequently, pre-war buildings have been gutted and renovated, but room counts and layouts will usually be listed according to their original configuration.

Latest News

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  • Installation of Energy Efficient Roofing

    Utilizing “White Roofing” material to lower heating and cooling costs. Utilizing a true white granule based roofing material, the roof on 31-81 now delivers both long-wearing reliability and energy savings...
  • Rennovation Components and Upgrades

    Shortly after the acquisition of 31-81 a number of projects were undertaken to improve upon the existing internal and external structures while also helping to reduce the carbon footprint of...
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